Eccentric. Closet Philosopher. Secret Blonde. Professional Mischief Maker. Peanut Butter Lover. Pez Dispenser Enthusiast. Hopeful Romantic. Petite Dynamo. Imaginary Ninja. Pie Champion. Graphic Novel Geek. Alphabetizes Her Book Collection. Dislikes Sporks, Skorts & All Other Amalgamated Household Items. Burns Rice. Poetry Major.  Japanese Gore Movie Addict. Boarding School Brat. Still Maintains Hope For The Return Of Firefly.  Chaotically Organized. Mama’s Girl. Occasional Slob. Workaholic. Sporadic Insomniac. Spontaneous Dancer. Likes Brussel Sprouts. Ornithophobiaist. Channelling Bettie Page & Gonzo The Great. Arch-Nemesis. Button Collector. Lingerie Addict. Bad Parallel Parker. Marginally Insane. Bar Manager. Special Event Coordinator. Burlesque Producer. Wanted To Be A Pop Star. Takes Life Lesson From Calvin & Hobbes. Collects Pink Flamingos. Story Teller. Scotch Ethusiast. Undercover Einstein. Sarcastic Rascal. Nostalgic Ninny.


Most of the time…


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