clean your baseboards.


I am a dirty baseboard of the blogosphere.

That forgotten little item in life that you occasionally glance at, but quietly overlook until the day your mother visits and judges your ability to function as an adult human being based solely on the grime content on that quiet little insignificant surface of your life.

It’s been six months since the last mission – I let the dust settle.

The interesting part of the equation is the six month blog fail was due to the very same reason I started the missions in the first place. I started the blog because my previous projects, though always well meaning, had a tendency to delve a wee bit too much into the extravagant and otherwise, get completely out of hand. So I started a blog, that would be one SIMPLE mission a week – a tangible, consistent and coherent vessel of good mojo – that somewhere down the line turned into plans for a rolling packing crate holding a gospel choir in the middle of downtown Vancouver….

I’m not kidding. I have construction quotes to prove it.

I got so invested in the idea of bigger missions and bigger audiences and bigger crates full of gospel choirs that I forgot this was supposed to be easy. It was about ONE stranger. Not choirs and confetti bombs and constructing giant can costumes. It’s about one. simple. smile.

So that’s where i’m starting off again. I might miss a week or redo a mission; heck, I might fall off the band wagon all over again – but i’ve got to pick it back up when I can and keep moving forward. And who knows, maybe i’ll get that gospel choir one day but for the time being, i’m going to stick to the simple things.

And remember to clean my baseboards – because that’s what my momma taught me.

Cheers – The Optimist


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