mission #4: a tale in two coffeeshops

So I fell off the bandwagon for a week due to a bout of strep and a pile of paperwork that is still leaving me with the overwhelming urge to curl into a ball and emotionally binge on cheetos. But you know what? We’re just going to go ahead and open the door for a week of double mission awesome times. Stayed tuned for #5 to smack you in the face with good mojo this Wednesday.  However, tis Monday and mission number 4 is well underway.

I liked to think that this mission is an ode to The Book Warehouse, which sadly after 32 years of business is closing its doors in Vancouver but in all honestly, it may have developed more out of the guilt i’m feeling over the squealing like a child over 80% off books. Either way… it’s going out there.

I love books. And I don’t mean in that off handed way some people use the word love… not in an “I love cheese” but only eat it once or twice a month sort of way. But if that cheese loving person secretly dreams of swimming in a vat of melted brie, then maybe, MAYBE he/she would be on par with my love of books.

I love everything about books.  That moment when you crack a fresh spine. The smell. The rush I get every time the Rotary Club announces it’s annual book sale. I alphabetize my bookshelf by author and country of orgin and to this day, believe I may have ended a relationship purely based on the abundance of Stephen King on his book shelf.

I am wholeheartedly, a book snob.

And as I love nothing more then sitting down and tying into a good yarn, I decided this week’s FIRST mission would be based on sharing a few great stories. I went and purchased 4 books from my top ten all time favourites –

A Star Called Henry by Roddy Doyle

100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Lamb – The Bible According to Biff by Christopher Moore

& Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden

Included with each, a note that reads:

Dear Stranger, You are currently holding one of my top ten favourite books. If you can give it a good home or know someone who will, please do. If not, leave it and this note for the next passer-by. And hopefully, this lands in the right hands and you love it as much as I did.  Enjoy! – The Optimist

I left the first today in the local coffee house and will be dropping the other three throughout the week.

Total Cost: $28.35 – 4 books! GAH!

Scene of the Crime: Two of my favourite coffee haunts.

Spontaneous Stranger Smiles Gained: Fingers crossed that all four eventually make it into the right hands.

Bonus Points:  I spent an afternoon perusing books. Win, win.

Everyone has room for one more great story in their lives right?

Stay tuned.

Cheers – The Optimist

PS. To all those other book snobs out there – do yourself a favour and waste a good 15 minutes here:



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