mission #3: caffiend.

I have a slight caffeine addiction.

And by slight, I mean that it took four years to diagnose me with a tremor as previously, my shaking hands were always chalked up to excess coffee. It’s bad. 6 cups a day bad. Very Mary Kate Trenta bad:

Watch the video here.

But as I head into a daunting work week, I have decided to embrace my oh so unhealthy codependent relationship with my coffee bar and create a mission revolving around my favourite non-alcoholic poison of choice.

This one is a no brainer. Once a day, when I get my own sweet, sweet liquid energy, I will leave an extra five dollars to buy the next customer’s bevie.

Total Cost: $35 buck-a-roos.

Scene of the Crime: My coffee shop office. Honestly… I have my own drawer there and everything.

Spontaneous Stranger Smiles Gained: I’m going to bank on a solid 7 here – because honestly, who doesn’t like free stuff? Though it’s very likely i’ll end of caffeinating one of my staff members, so i’m not sure if that counts as a “stranger” per say…

Bonus Points:  Encouraging my own bad behaviour – minus one point; getting the opportunity to pretend i’m a giant while holding an espresso cup 7 days this week – plus two points.

And with that – I raise my comically tiny coffee cup to you! Have a well caffeinated work week folks!


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