two hundred short.

Seven years ago, on some non-descript afternoon, I sat down and wrote out 100 things I wanted to do in my life. Shortly thereafter, over tea or wine or some sort of liquid that brings people together, I showed my best friend the list. She eventually wrote her own and the lists became common reference for when we were having days when we wished we could be elsewhere.

The list is always a draft and always evolving. The only firm rule is that once an item is crossed off, it cannot be removed from the list to make space for new ventures. Mine is tucked away in a copy of  Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” and mostly inhabits my bookshelf save for the few days a year that I take it out to cross things off or make adjustments.

In 2008, that fabulously stubborn and endearingly optimistic friend left us suddenly and unexpectedly. Soon after, her family posted her 100 list asking her friends and family to take up the items in her memory. I printed her list and tucked it with mine and thus, found myself 200 items deep. Her list, like mine, comes out every so often when there is need to cross things off and has since dictated a few items of its own (#73 learning sign language of my list, appeared after I realized I’d have to cross off her #78 – spend a week in silence… I do love to talk, I bet she’d have a hoot watching me attempt to get through THAT week).

So I find myself 200 short, or 180 some-odd nowadays, but I keep hatching plans and slowly whittling both down.  This past Sunday, I updated my list over a hot tottie and realized, when and if I complete both lists, I will truly be a force to be reckoned with. So in the name of world domination, (and saving an electronic version in case of an unforeseen disaster – knock on wood.) I give you the most recent version of the 100 list:

The List – Draft – March 2012

1. Own a blue house with a yellow door.
2. Fall in love
3. Walk the Camino de Santiago in mom’s footsteps
4. Spontaneously roadtrip to Disneyland
5. World’s highest bungy jump in South Africa
6. Trans-siberian train
7. Own enough books to fill a room floor to ceiling (500+ and counting…)
8. Live debt free – 3 years and counting
9. Skydive solo
10. Have my mother give me away at my wedding
11. Own my own business
12. Go to the waterfall from Baraka – Iguazu Waterfalls – Argentina
13. Swim with the golden jellyfish in Palao
14. Visit the salt chapel in Sicily
15. Forgive them
16. Write and publish a book
17. Travel for a year or more straight
18. Visit Angkor Wat
19. Give a speech in front of 500+ people
20. See every giant animal in Australia
21. Write in the Dali gallery in Spain
22. Learn to play the guitar
23. Read a book by every Nobel Literature & Man Booker Prize winner since 1984
24. Own a cream vespa and an airstream trailer
25. Go to burning man
26. Live overseas for at least a year
27. Own a sailboat
28. Go to the Holi festival in India
29. Have two dogs named Bob & Frank
30. Open “No More Bull” and raise money for bullying awareness
31. Stay in Hotel 22 in Tokyo
32. Walk the Kamata spice trail
33. July weekend sale in Paris
34. Omitted. Unless you’re # 52
35. Omitted. Unless you’re # 52
36. Eat rice at McDonalds in the Philippines – and that weird egg thing
37. Wingsuit base jump
38. Learn latin ballroom
39. Roadtrip across NFLD
40. Learn to speak another language
41. Take a trip by dog sled
42. Eat clam chowder in Dingle – again
43. Spend an entire week just reading
44. Elephant rescue in Hartbeesportdam
45. Tibet
46. Nepal
47. Stay at the mirror hotel in Berlin
48. Turkey
49. Eat swiss cheese, with a swiss army knife in Switzerland
50. See a show on Broadway
51. Amsterdam
52. Admit all my secrets to someone.
53. Own a cabin
54. Go to the hobbit houses in New Zealand
55. Learn to swing dance and tear it up at that London club
56. Learn to sew
57. Have professional pin up photos taken
58. Festival in Iceland
59. Zipline in Costa Rica
60. Fix and learn to use the manual minoleta
61. Do karaoke
62. White water raft
63. Watch sunrise at least once a year – so far so good – thank you insomnia.
64. Scuba dive
65. Fire poi without hurting myself
66. Learn to cook authentic thai food
67. See a show in Soho (and to that shoe store that was closed)
68. Brazil
69. Learn to meditate
70. Do burlesque on-stage
71. Find and be content in my spiritual beliefs
72. Climb a freakin mountain
73. Learn sign language
74. Salsa dance in Cuba
75. Kick ass at Scrabble
76. Take an overseas trip solo
77. Be able to do the splits and walk on my hands
78. Greece
79. Give a ridiculous amount of money to a complete stranger
80. Catch a fish as big as my arm
81. Send or be sent on a crazy scavenger hunt a la Amelie
82. Spend a year in the service of others
83. Be a mentor and/or Big Sister
84. Go to Rome and take pictures of tourists taking pictures of tourist attractions
85. Own every movie I studied in university
86. Get my masters
87. Do that cave spelunking thing
88. Before I get married, rent a gym, get all our friends together and play an epic game of dodgeball
89. Learn to appreciate wine
90. Get a tattoo
91. Cook a mean turkey dinner
92. Learn to fence
93. Go on a dart board vacation
94. Ride a camel
95. Send postcards to people regularly
96. Complete Tough Mudder (or something equally as crazy)
97. Plan and execute a giant community art installation – preferably with a flash gospel choir.
98. Go on a scotch tour of the UK
99. Create the “perfect Sunday”
100. Learn to grab my feet over my head and have a picture taken with the “o” of my body in line with the sun while standing on a foreign beach.

Paige’s list can be found here:  Paigerenosaurus’ 100 List

There they are – 200 total – and although the progress sometimes seems arduous and slow, I highly suggest making a list of your own. If only for the hour every so often that you get to be lost in your thoughts over a tottie.

Happy daydreaming!


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