mission #2: a penny for my thoughts.

Round two.

A mission dedicated to all those who still pick up lucky pennies.

I took 99 pennies and 1 quarter (for good measure and because I couldn’t, for the life of me, fit a Calvin & Hobbes quote on a penny) and my trusty sharpie and created 100 of the world’s greatest lucky pennies (and quarter… oh you get it).

Each penny has a quote – ranging from compliments to early 90’s catch phrases, high fives, mythical creatures and my personal favourite – giving the queen a top hat, moustache & monocle with the phrase “Lookin Dapper!” on the back.

I’ll be dropping said pennies in random locations throughout the week in the hopes that whoever picks them up will get a kick out of a penny stating “Holy Hotdogs Batman!”. I know I would…

Total Cost: $1.24

The Scene of the Crime: Anywhere and everywhere I go.

Spontaneous Stranger Smiles Gained: Undetermined but I would hope a solid 99 plus one slightly confused, albeit bemused penny picker who landed the E=MC2 one off (too much time in the presence of sharpie fumes does interesting things…). Unless of course, someone doesn’t like TMNT, Batman or Saved by the Bell references but then they are soulless creatures to begin with and I can’t hang my hat on that.

Bonus Points: This mission inspired a TMNT marathon. That’s always bonus point worthy.

So week two starts off with a pocket full of pennies, sharpie stained finger tips and the Saved by the Bell theme song stuck in my head. Lookin good so far.

Cheers – The Optimist.


One comment

  1. If I picked up a penny that said “I like pie” it would make me smile. If I picked up a penny that said “I like squid” it would make me laugh out loud. Have fun out there….

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