mission #1: be the change you wished you remembered.

Mission numero uno.

Dear parking tickets – I hate thee.

I am notorious for forgetting about my parking meter, making sprinting in high heels followed by loud public cursing a common occurrence in this here life. So for all those other meter-memory deficient people out there, my first mission in spontaneous awesomeness is to carry around a wallet full of change for the next week and plug expired meters.

Total Cost: $30 in coinage.

The Scene of the Crime: Anywhere and everywhere I go.

Spontaneous Stranger Smiles Gained: Undetermined – but I would hope that a person or two broke into a big toothy one when they realized they were ticket-free.

Bonus Points: I now jingle when I walk. I was demonstrating said jingle in the coffee shop and gained three bonus smiles (judgemental smiles still count).

Plus, i’m pretty sure hauling around a pound of coins for the next week is going to do wonders for my puddingy bits.

And so it begins.

Cheers – The Optimist.


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